The Nushka Preserve is the Weekapaug Foundation for Conservation’s most recent acquisition, purchased in 2018 for $1.2 million dollars on the street that was formerly known as “Nushka Road”. The name Nushka means “precious possession” and indeed it is precious to the community that raised a significant portion of the funds to purchase it. The Nushka Perserve is a highly visible 2.4 acre woodland property on Noyes Neck Road.  While relatively small, Nushka adjoins larger properties of the WFC, including Noyes Neck Farm and Ocean Breeze Farm.  This scenic property is also contiguous to other woodlands to the east, making it part of a much larger wildlife habitat. 

Though small, the Premises undoubtedly provides habitat for a wide variety of wildlife species, a great diversity of small and medium-sized mammals, migrant and resident birds, insects and invertebrates. 

Nushka Preserve is undeveloped, scenic in nature and highly visible to the public, with over 360 feet of frontage on Noyes Neck Road.