1A. The Langworthy Farm

The Foundation acquired ownership of the Langworthy Field property in 1990, its first major acquisition of property surrounding Weekapaug.  

The property is named in honor of Clifford A. Langworthy. The parcel is a true gem, consisting of 39 acres of various habitats: hayfields, cornfields, salt marsh, woodlands, freshwater wetland, and a kettle pond, all located between Scenic Route 1-A and the Atlantic Ocean (about 3/4rs of a mile away).  The 39- acre property – which is subject to a [permanent] conservation easement in favor of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management – was originally part of a much larger land holding of the Langworthy family.

The property is home to a number of native wildlife species.   During recent years, the Foundation has studied collaborated with Natural Resources Conservation Services and Save the Bay to address conservation concerns for the property, including excessive growth of invasive species and erosion on the farm fields and degradation of the salt marsh areas.  These efforts will continue, so that future generations of residents and visitors will be able to enjoy beauty and habitat of the property.

The Langworthy Farm homestead, which was built in 1875 on the historical homesite of Governor Samuel Ward of Rhode Island and overlooks the Foundation’s property, is now operated as a bed and breakfast and a winery.