Lathrop Preserve Atlantic Avenue, Misquamicut (10 acres).

Tucked away behind the houses of Atlantic Avenue, the Lathrop Preserve is 10 acres of salt marsh property bordering Winnapaug Pond, comprised of a variety of herbaceous grasses and bushes. The preserve and its environs are known to be inhabited by red fox, skunk, raccoon, deer, and rabbits. Along the water’s edge we find periwinkle, hermit crab, horseshoe crabs and snails. This preserve forms a crucial storm barrier for the community as a first line of defense against storm surges, which are known to be reduced significantly (up to 40%) by the presence of marshes. WFC partnered with Save The Bay to conduct a marsh adaptation project to revitalize this marsh by digging runnels to drain excess water which can stunt marsh grasses. High marsh grasses are critical habitats for the Willet, an avian species of conservation concern. As well, there are a large number of Egrets that frequent the water’s edge and salt marsh.