The Fenway “Fen” Property

The “Fen” is one of the most important properties held by the Weekapaug Foundation for Conservation to benefit the local environment. It was acquired by the Foundation in 1999 from a group of local property owners with the design to preserve and protect the environment and the natural habitat and filter water runoff from local roads and neighboring properties before discharging the water into Block Island Sound.

The Fen is a fresh water wetland encompassing 4.5 acres between Fenway Road and Wawaloam Drive. It is the habitat of predominately native plants with upland shrubbery along its Fenway Road border. Two paths traverse the property, one in the center and one along its western border, providing a right of way for local residents to the adjacent Fenway Beach owned by the Weekapaug Fire District.

This beautiful property provides a natural barrier between the barrier beach itself and residential housing along Fenway Road. Historical photos show a more lush and vibrant landscape now than at the turn of the century.